Scandinavian Coating AB has its origin in the company GALON AB, established already in 1952. GALON was already from the start a popular trade name for a range of coated fabrics, for instance, rain wear materials.

During the years, the company has had its history in the company names as: GALON AB, BECKERS, BECKER LAY-TECH, PERSTORP COMPONENT, COLLINS & AIKMAN and now SCANDINAVIAN COATING AB.

The year 2000 Scandinavian Coating AB took over the production and the R&D for coated fabrics from the Collins & Aikman AB. This means that Scandinavian Coating AB can focus on giving all our customers an optimal service in the area of coated fabrics.

As you certainly understand, Scandinavian Coating AB is today a company with total focus on coated fabrics, with its history and knowledge of coated fabrics back from the time of GALON AB.

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