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A swedish producer of coated fabrics with a wide range of different applicators. Products are well known for their good quality and long life time.

If you need short time of delivery you can gladly use materials from Scandinavian Coating AB for both small and big volumes. The prices are fair (low) depending on very low over head costs.

Normally we produce material with a total weight of 150-600 gram/sqm. The included textile fabric has the weight of 30-150 gram/sqm.

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We constantly work for a sustainable environment with our own waste, bioproducts and recycled materials

Our Products

This is a selection of what some of our customers use our various products for. Some have their own manufacturing and others use different factories to produce their products.

Fishmen / Fishfarms

Shell clothing that protects against fish acid and sharp objects. Fluorescent color that lights up workers and objects

Agro culture / Veterinary

Beds, waiting rooms and protective clothing for veterinary clinics and other farmering

Slaugther houses / Food industry

Shell clothing that protects against sharp objects, keeps the dishwasher dry and protects against blood and grease splashes

Automotive Industries

Products for interior, cover and alot more have we supplied this bransches for many years with best result


Have any color that you want, we help you to restore from your productline and together come up with new fabulous

Interior materials

Waiting rooms, restarurants, airports, train stations, lobbies and other establishments use this material with the best results

Construction & Transport

Cover products and transport so it dont get damage or wet, temporary downpipes for water, sliders, pipe relining and much more

Rain Wear

Our products with some of the market's best surface layers provide good protection against wind, precipitation and cold

Hospital & Dentist

Beds, waiting rooms and protective clothing for clinics, workers and other sterile spaces

Industrial products

We provide powerful material for hot and tough environments so the workplace is a safe and secure area


Artificial leather for cushions and protection in the boat industry and saddles in the horse, motorcycle and snowmobile industry

Fire men materials

Flame retardant clothing that protects the firefighter and allows them to meet there family after each important work shift

Why Us

Perfection Anytime

We strive to fulfill your needs as quickly as possible


Innovative integrity solutions for problematic applications.

24/7 Communication

Our goal is to be available as much as possible

Our Workers

Making there best to get the best resault every time.


Integrated approach to safety ensures zero harm to workers, people, plant and enviroment.

Cost Savings

Demostrated cost reduction through full integrity process as well as reduction in fugitive emissions.


We constantly work for a sustainable environment with our own recycling, bioproducts and recycled materials


Constantly looking for the best, fastest and cheapest transports that also have the least impact on nature


Innovative privacy solutions for problematic applications that take you from idea to action and futher.....

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